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*All soundwave art now comes with a customized metal name plate. Please select if you'd prefer a name plate on the front or back of the piece. (example included in listing). It includes the audio used for the piece, as well as origin of the audio (song and band name, name of person, etc.)*


This piece measures 30" x 70" and features a beautiful walnut backing board that contrasts perfectly with the weathered white soundwave. The soundwave itself has been torched and whitewashed to provide a very unique look and it is hung using a french cleat.

I can create the soundwave using any recorded audio ranging from a cell phone recording or your favorite song. The real beauty is that each piece is completely unique, from the wood used down to the soundwave itself. The species of wood and color of the soundwave are completely customizable to fit any space, so if you would like to customize this piece, please feel free to contact me and we can work together to create something that will speak directly to you

30" x 70" Walnut Soundwave

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