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This piece is compatible with the Soundwave Art app! Please select a 5 or 10 year subscription to add the feature to your piece. It will be functional for 5 or 10 years and can be renewed for a discounted rate.Due to copyright issues, we can't use a song/video if you don't own the rights, but you'll be able to use any other video or audio you'd like. This means you can record a personal message up to 3 minutes long that can be scanned with their app and played back in video or audio format!All soundwave art comes with a customized metal name plate. Please select if you'd prefer a name plate on the front or back of the piece. (example included in listing). It includes the audio used for the piece, as well as origin of the audio (song and band name, name of person, etc.)This silver and gold soundwave will immediately draw the eye to it in any space, whether residential or commercial.  The vibrant gold colors provide a harmonious contrast against the silver backing board. The standard size measures 12" x 48", but can be made as large as 4' x 8' to accommodate any space.  Each soundwave is made to order and can be generated from any recorded audio, whether it be your favorite song or a voice memo from your cell phone.  It comes complete with a everything needed for easy installation. Please feel free to contact me with any custom requests!

Silver and Gold Soundwave

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