*All soundwave art now comes with a customized metal name plate. Please select if you'd prefer a name plate on the front or back of the piece. (example included in listing). It includes the audio used for the piece, as well as origin of the audio (song and band name, name of person, etc.)*


**Due to the rarity of this species, supplies are very limited.Uniquly beautiful doesn't begin to describe this very rare species of wood called Suma aka Dragonwood. Sustainably harvested and imported from Costa Rica, it offers a drastic contrast unrivalled by many other exotic species.

Two color variations shown in this listing are metallic silver and black and a solid metallic silver, but the color can be customized to fit your space. They can be made from any recorded audio and each piece measures 13" x 48".

Soundwave on Dragonwood

Name Plate


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